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FlutterX 2DC

RealAcoustix has re-invented high-frequency diffusion for ceiling applications with the FlutterX 2DC.
The FlutterX 2DC provides incredible 2D quadratic diffusion in a n easy to install and aesthetically beautiful package.

The FlutterX 2DC is a prime 13 quadratic residue diffuser with excellent diffusive character from approximately 2500Hz and up. Available in both hardwood and painted poplar versions, it is adaptable to many different designs and implementations.

The FlutterX 2DC can be built with mixed woods, colors and many different ways to adapt to your architectural requirements.

Find out what great diffusion is all about. Consider the FlutterX 2DC for your next design.

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Test Data

For full test report,

please contact RealAcoustix at 801-782-1010 or your local RealAcoustix representative.

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