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MicroPerf Self-Contained

The RealAcoustix MicroPCS system is RA's answer to the need for a self-contained, easy to hang consistent and cost-effective microperf product.

Utilizing multi-core material layers with custom and attractive perforated veneer faces, the MicroPSC installs easily and provides the absorption performance with architectural elegance everyone is looking for.

MicroPSC is available in sizes up to 48" wide x 120" long. Our design team can work with you to affect the look and feel that you want and the performance you need. Microperf sizes of both .55mm and 1mm are available in a multitude of veneer species and laminates.

Please note that all performance specifications for MDF-backed microperf include mounting with battens and insulation behind the panels. Typical mounting is Z-clip/Z-bar.

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Test Data

For full test report,

please contact RealAcoustix at 801-782-1010 or your local RealAcoustix representative.

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