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Poll Sound, Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City, UT

Poll Sound, SLC, Utah.
Poll Sound, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, is a multi-faceted provider of both recording and live sound equipment for both rental and installation. They wanted to showcase their recording equipment as well as create a small project studio for mixing the live recordings they do for their rental customers. RealAcoustix designed and built this studio to accommodate that request. Featuring a myriad of different products such as our GuD Panels(Geometric Uniform Diffusers), RealDiff HDR, RealCT super-absorptive ceiling tiles, RQS500 (Real Quadratic Studio) Diffusers, RealAB panels and RealAB stretch-wall systems, this is a great example of how to maximize the use of a small space. The RealQuad Studio500 Diffusers on the back wall are on a track that, when slid to each side, reveal a window to the studio space. Now that's creative thinking!

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